Reviews and Testimonials

“For the past year I have listened to Janette’s Angel Meditations. During this time I have felt a loving presence which has encouraged me to be more loving toward my body, myself and others as well. As a result, I have significantly improved a long standing chronic sinus problem, and improved my vision. (I also have used other techniques to improve vision, but I noticed that they worked better when I listened to the meditations while doing them). I have also lost weight, and I take better care of my injured right knee by giving it regular exercise. All of this has created a virtuous cycle where I feel physically better and better and in control of my health and look forward to a vibrant middle and old age. I also feel more able to love others and be the person I came here to be.” ~L from Ashland, OR.

“I experienced quite a bit of anxiety in the months leading up to my knee surgery.  Aside from this being the first surgery of my life as well as first hospital stay, I was also facing the unknowns of a year-long recovery.  Fortunately, Janette created a meditation and a set of affirmations for me which I began to listen to on a daily basis.  They focused on the overall health of my body, and the success of the surgery and recovery.  Within a short time, I was able to let go of my fears.  I felt relaxed and confident that I was on a healing path.  During my actual surgery, I also listened to her meditation and know that it contributed to the positive outcome.” ~P from Portland, OR.

“I highly reccommend Janette Bynum’s Private Session’s to help connect you with your inner guides. I like to think that I met Janette, as a gift to myself from my higher guides that are helping me with my intentions for ascension. I had a session with Janette and she helped me in connecting more clearly with my guide Master St Germaine. I always felt St Germaine’s presence but did not know how to communicate with him.  With Janette’s loving help, plus the powerful energy that is with her, she easily guided me to know how to converse with Master St. Germaine. Since that time, from Janette’s guidance, I am now more aware of other helpful guides that are present for me and have been able to use the help of Archangel Micheal, the Elohim Group, and Archangel Metatron in my life with my normal daily concerns and desires. When I was in Portland, just being physically around Janette, I noticed the energy that I felt from being in her presence, and  it was strong. Now, because of what Janette has graciously shared with me, I can easily help other’s connect with their higher guidance as well and I find this very useful during my bodywork sessions with my client’s, as I help them get rid of their pain and stress. And they become connected with their inner guidance, too. That is why I say meeting Janette was a unexpected gift for me!” ~V from Sacramento, CA.