Free Meditation to Heal Your Body

free meditation to heal your body

 Archangel Michael

channeled through Janette Rakoczy

This free meditation to heal your body is infused with radiant frequencies of Cosmic Love received by Janette Rakoczy from Archangel Michael and a group of healing angels. Relax your body as you close your eyes and listen to the positive affirmations and nurturing meditation. Whether you listen to them together or separate (13 minutes each) you will receive the healing benefits each time you listen.

Change how you feel about your body and see what a difference this can make.  It’s time to begin appreciating all your body does for you and love yourself just as you are.

Enjoy this Free 26 minute recording from Archangel Michael received by Janette Rakoczy. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

Listen and Download  Note to download on your own computer, right click on link and “Save link as”.


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