Choose Appreciation over Worry

by Janette Rakoczy

Begin Noticing Your Thoughts and Feelings

My suggestion for boosting your mood this month is to observe how everything around you including your physical body is made up of tiny electrons and even smaller sub-atomic particles. Then notice what thoughts and feelings you have regarding all that you observe in your world. Begin arranging your thoughts into two basic categories, those  that appreciate what you see and experience, what currently is, and those thoughts that are critical of (or worried about) what you perceive. You might even make lists to help you organize your thoughts.

Double Slit Experiment in Quantum PhysicsQuantum Physics and Appreciation

As you observe your thoughts and place them in these two basic categories, consider the famous “double slit experiment” in Quantum Physics . It was discovered that tiny sub-atomic wave particles act as either a wave or particle depending on how they are observed. In the link above, you can watch a 5 minute video of the entertaining Dr Quantum explain how shooting electrons through two slits make different patterns on the wall behind it, depending on how they monitor the slits.

A conclusion the quantum physicists reached was that our outer reality is connected (entangled) with our thoughts (consciousness).  So one way to play at a quantum level is to imagine all your thoughts in the appreciating category are like one slit in the Quantum Physics experiment.  And all your thoughts in the worrying or  criticizing category are like the second slit.

Sea of Sub-Atomic Potentials Becomes What You Focus On

Imagine that when you focus on your thoughts of appreciation, “observing” them, the sub-atomic potentials that are constantly swirling around you in what has been called the Unified Field will manifest into something that you can appreciate, while at the same time collapsing all other possibilities. The short animated video will help you visualize this. And of course you could conclude that when you focus on the critical (or worrisome) thoughts, you manifest more things to criticize or worry about.

Notebook of Appreciation

How can you use this information to boost your mood and create a happier life? I suggest as you observe something or someone around you, look for aspects about them you can honestly appreciate. Notice how your thoughts generate specific feelings. I suggest starting a notebook of Appreciation, writing the person, object or situation in your life that you are focusing on at the top of the page, and each day or a few times a week, write something about them you appreciate. If your thoughts begin to drift into the critical category, gently move them back to the appreciation category.

Change the Probable Experience

I believe that our habitual way of thinking about something or someone creates, within the sea of potentials, a probability for us to continue to experience the same thing.  The process of writing something to appreciate about someone or something, which perhaps in the past we have worried about or criticized, begins to create new probabilities more to our liking. This shifting of old thought patterns can take time and persistence.

A Personal Example

My first endeavor in changing a probability in my life, was 11 years ago when I began redirecting my resentful thoughts about my spouse to something that I could genuinely appreciate about him. It was so hard in the beginning because, I realize now,  I had trained myself to only think of what I didn’t like about him. My identity as the “victim” was strong and seductive. You can read more of my experience in How I Changed My Life and Expanded My Reality. Discovering a bit about how our quantum world works, helped me persist in changing my life in profound ways.

Motivation to Make the Effort

Let the information in the double slit experiment and other scientific information like Quantum Physics for Dummies and What the Bleep Do We Know  motivate you to make the effort to change your thoughts and by doing so your feelings. Begin realizing how at a quantum level there is a continuous sea of pure potentiality surrounding you. And these potentials manifest or collapse in each moment depending on how you place your focus. Begin taking back your power to boost your mood by observing your thoughts and feelings and choose to appreciate more than worry or criticize.

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear about your experiences with redirecting your focus. Leave your constructive comments at the end of this article. Let’s encourage each other to become conscious creators of our reality, moment by moment.


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